We design new sites and make old sites look like new. Let’s work together to create a modern, fresh image for your business. It can all happen faster than you think.

Below are websites we've designed for businesses and non-profit organizations. We become immersed and have a full understanding of your business. That is why many of our clients also have us create flyers, e-newsletters, logos, and other creative materials for them throughout the year.


Crescent Beach Challenge

Fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The Crescent Beach Challenge is a charity fundraiser at Marineland, FL. It consists of swimming, running, and paddling all for cancer research. To date, the event has raised nearly $400,000 in donations. We updated their site and created a photo gallery celebrating the last 20 years of the CBC.


WEGave, Inc.

Veterans Healing Through Music

WEGave has created an avenue through music to comfortably bring veterans & service members together. They create a natural sharing platform for veterans to create, produce, and perform music. We designed the WEGave logo & website with custom payment forms to receive donations.


The Dignity Project 2

At-Risk Youth Training that Benefits the Community

The Dignity Project Second Generation is a 501(c)3 non-profit in Gainesville, Florida that trains at risk-youth in trades such as computer and car repair. The community can receive these refurbished items by giving a suggested donation, which in return, funds their training program.


Micanopy OutPost

Antique Store in Historic Micanopy, Florida

Micanopy OutPost is located in a historic city that is known for it's antique stores. They decided to take advantage of that fact that only a few of the area businesses utilize a web site. Now Micanopy OutPost is a destination that visitors will recognize.


Superior Towing

Alachua County's Largest Towing Company

Superior Towing provides residential and commercial towing services in Alachua County, FL. We designed a site that works both as an image piece for the company and an informational guide for those who may have their vehicles towed.


Call the C.A.T.

Computer Assistance Techs

Mitch, owner of Call the CAT, is a genius when it comes to setting up large networks and servers. We designed him a modern site blending in digital graphics with his mascot, the Florida panther, to celebrate 25 years serving the Gainesville area.

Linda Weltner


Linda provided us with a vision of her new site and we helped make it come to life. She now has a reputable website with musical samples that has generated new student lessons and event bookings.

Barbara Kerkhoff


The harp is a beautiful instrument and Barbara needed a website to match. As a freelance musician for over 30 years she knows how important her site is to her business.

Gosia & Ali

Duo & Ensemble

Gosia and Ali perform at events year-round as a duo or large ensemble group. Their new website gives them an easy way to display their photos and examples of their music.