My name is Peter and I’m the owner and Creative Director at Reef Break. My wife and I also run FreeRide Surf and Skate Shop in Gainesville, FL. I know what its like to have a retail shop with overhead and the evil of having to price match an online store on the other side of the country to save a sale. The ups and downs of small business continue to be a part of my daily life so I get it…believe me, I get it.

Before retail, I was immersed for nearly 15 years in radio, newspaper and magazine publications helping businesses create clever ads that worked. I’ve won multiple awards on regional and national levels using ideas that grab people’s attention whether it’s serious or hilarious.

For me, working on websites are a culmination of everything I enjoy doing in advertising and marketing. A mix of all media. It’s also the first time I can help small businesses compete at the same level as larger companies with huge marketing budgets. It’s a struggle to prove how other forms of advertising perform, but you can be reassured that a well designed website is always working for you.

My job is to figure out how to make you better than your competitor. My job is to make your competitors jealous. My job is to make your friends and customers say “WOW!”

Your website is more than just a one day ad in the newspaper or a 30 second ad on the radio. It is literally your store front to customers visiting for the first time. This is your first impression. This is a future sale or a potential lost customer.

Let’s do it right this time. Let’s collaborate together from the ground up and create that first impression together.

Peter Harter